What’s the value of your dollar?

$1 becomes $23 when you donate to Shepherd’s HOPE.

About a week ago I got a letter from a friend of many of us at Shepherd’s HOPE.  After reading our newsletter they regretfully told us they were not going to donate this year to Shepherd’s HOPE because they were able to get $2 worth of goods and services for every dollar they donated to a ministry with a similar purpose.

I was a little dejected because I am in the midst of what God is doing every day in this devastated community. But God does everything for a reason.  ALL FOR HIS GLORY!

God sent us to Englewood to be salt and light and to feed HIS sheep both physically and spiritually.  GOD is always faithful to the obedience of HIS servants.  I want to thank our friends for opening our eyes to their perspective of what they look for in ministries they support.

So as a board we decided to see how GOD’s economy is working through Shepherd’s HOPE.  WE were all in awe of the results.  GOD took every donation designated for Shepherd’s HOPE and made it worth 2300% of its value!  A $1.00 donation is now able to provide $23.00 worth of goods and services to our neighbors in need.  (View June 2014 fiscal year IRS 990 tax return)  What a grand way for GOD to show his gratitude for this little ministry.  AMEN!

GOD took the generous financial support of our donors $68,864 (for fiscal year ending June 2014) and provided goods (food and clothing) and services (volunteer hours) of $1,860,145.  ONLY GOD!  This all took place because our volunteers and donors were willing to sacrifice their talents and resources while Shepherd’s HOPE staff and ministry partners remained obedient to GOD’s will.

But that is far from the end of the story.  The return on your investment in Shepherd’s HOPE is substantially more than the food and clothing.  Because of GOD’s amazing LOVE for HIS people, lives are changing, neighbors are serving neighbors, and most of all GOD is teaching them how to love one another.  The community again has HOPE, GOD’s kingdom is growing where evil for a long time prevailed.  What a great plan, obedience to GOD = God’s glory revealed.

Thank you in advance for your continued prayers and support.


FOOD PANTRY(operating capital, June, 2015) $28,600

THE FAMILY FEEDING CENTER(operating capital, June, 2015) $20,000

THANKSGIVING GROCERIES(complete meal for 800 families) $5,200

CHRISTMAS for CHILDREN(stocking and gift for 300 children) $3,000


In spite of our high-tech world and efficient procedures, people remain the essential ingredient of life.  When we forget this, a strange thing happens:  we start treating people like inconveniences instead of assets.

May God bless you and your family.


Brian Anderson, Executive Director
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