The Yellow House

yellowBuildingAfter Brian had been feeding the homeless man and was unable to find him after a month or so of meeting, the Lord directed him to use a bungalow he and his wife owned to make a food pantry.  When the team of volunteers from the suburbs first started working on the 1,000 square foot bungalow at 5732 S Lowe in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, the neighbors were very aloof and skeptical.  One day as Brian was working on the renovation, a young man, who lived in the house next to the pantry, approached him and asked what he was doing.  Brian told him they were preparing to open a food pantry to serve the community.  The young man’s face lit up with a smile as he exclaimed, “I knew it!  They all thought you were setting up some sort of sting operation (there were 3 drug houses on the block at the time).  I knew you were bring something good.  I am going to paint my house yellow so they will know this is a place of light!”  This was on a Thursday and when Brian came to work on Monday, the entire house was indeed all painted a very bright yellow. Donate secure green small

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