Such a Time as This

The line forms early and a safe distance apart outside the Center of Englewood

THE CENTER of Englewood is owned and operated by Shepherd’s HOPE, Ltd. and houses our food pantry and family feeding center as well as By the Hand Club for Kids, 1st Defense Legal Aid, IMPACT Family Center, New Hope Medical Clinic, Pass-It-On Academy, God’s End Time Church and Xperience Church. The Needs Are Greater Than Ever!

Welcome to what I think is the beginning of a new era in American history. An era of sacrifice and sharing as we’ve never seen before. An era that will bring people together walking through situations with people we have never met and trials and struggles that we didn’t know existed a few months ago.

Ministry Values

Shepherd’s HOPE is a ministry built on sacrificing and sharing with our neighbors through our relationship with JESUS CHRIST. Besides sacrifice, we believe in being transparent, especially to our financial supporters who have made it possible for us to be here at this point in history and most of all to our LORD who has constantly opened doors for us as HE’s grown this ministry for the past 12 years.

The pandemic we are facing today has already taken its toll on 6 other food pantries in Englewood. This has brought hundreds more families in need to our pantry every Tuesday and Thursday. The question that has been going through my mind the last few weeks, “Has the LORD created us for such a time as this?” One of the most important things the LORD told me to do when I began this journey with HIM was to give ownership of the ministry to the people in the community, and we were obedient. Over the years this is what has made our food pantry and feeding center like no other in the community. Most of our staff and volunteers live in the area; they are also clients. These committed people are a very important reason why we are still thriving.

Volunteers continue to serve

We are struggling financially like everyone else. Our donations are down 51% in comparison to last year, but the attitude of the staff and volunteers remains positive. They’ve all said to me, “Brian, we are here to serve our neighbors as long as there is a need. The LORD will handle the rest!”

For the last 2 weeks the LORD has brought 1,000’s of pounds of fresh vegetables (from Get Fresh Produce) and 500 sandwiches and drinks from another source, brownies from a bakery and toiletry kits from Molina Healthcare. All this is in addition to our normal delivery of the 20-25,000 pounds of groceries from the GCFD. What timing and what a blessing!
The Shepherd’s HOPE team and I have been working hard doing our job while praying that the LORD will send the resources needed to make this a year like no other. As it says in Psalm 98:4, “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD … and rejoice and sing praise!” LORD, we are on our knees praying, praising and thanking you for the faithful and obedient financial supporters you have chosen to take this journey with us: We thank you for these people! We love you all and are asking again for your prayers and financial support so we can continue this journey together.

Thanks again.

We believe in transparency; click the link below to see our income and operational cost breakdown. Financial Info

At such a time as this…