Story Behind the Journey

On April 6, 1949 the story begins.  Brian Kris Anderson was born to Marie and Norman Anderson on the northwest side of Chicago.  Brian was the first of three children brought into this world by Marie and Norman and the only son.

I was raised by a school teacher and full time housewife in the West Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.  We lived in an apartment building which was owned by my grandparents.  So besides my parents, my grandparents were a major influence in my life.  I was an average student.  My interests were in math and science.  I loved playing baseball and football and also speed skated in national competition.  My love and ability to play the game of baseball got me a scholarship to Northeastern Illinois State University.  It was the only way I would have been able to afford college.  My life was one blessing after another by getting to play baseball at a very high level and at a young age getting to know Jesus as my Savior.

That relationship with Jesus continued all the way until my senior year in college.  In my sophomore year I met a beautiful young lady.  This relationship with this beautiful lady changed my life forever….(Click to read more)

On December 26 Brian was interviewed by Robert Lambert on WYLL’s Faith Marketplace program.  Click here to listen to his 12 minute interview.

You can also listen to the full program and other faith stories on the WYLL website.