Ashes to Beauty Church

Sunday Services, Bible studies and community outreach

Ashes to Beauty

New Life Resurrection Universal Mission Church

Sunday Services, bible studies, job training, free haircuts

New Life Resurrection Universal Mission Church
Dionell Hill

Rip’n and Sew’n

A sowing and Reaping Ministry that teaches sewing skills and mentoring

Rip'n and Sew'n
Crystal Peck

Cobra Black Foundation

7th District Police build relationships with ages 9-17 youth through Radio Controlled Car events followed by 6-week of classes.

Cobra Black Foundation
Sgt. Enrico Dixon

Brown Sugar Youth Entrepreneur Academy

Entrepreneur training for youth and teens


Brown Sugar Youth Entrepreneur Academy
Aiesha Trotter

Gospel Warriors

Theatrical productions in our auditorium, gospel ministry, and general education training.

Gospel Warriors
Roger Jones


Computer skills training for youth, teens and adults including how to repair computers.

Kaia Dutler

Kody’s House

Meals for the homeless on the streets and educational and empowerment programs for youth and teens.

Kody's House
Idella Washington

First Responders of Englewood

Violence prevention, intervention and community outreach

First Responders of Englewood
Charles McKenzie
Charles McKenzie

New Hope Medical Clinic

Free basic medical services

New Hope Medical Clinic
Jerome Afhishtam

Basketball by Blue

Skills Training for youth and teens

Basketball by Blue

Midwest Coalition

Violence prevention; intervention and community outreach

Midwest Coalition
Henry Timothy

Plano Vision Center

Free eye exams and glasses.

Plano Vision Center
Stephanie Johnson

New Life KNEW Solutions

Mental health assistance for families and individuals; referrals to people/services to meet specific family needs.

New Life KNEW Solutions
Evanee Neville

Something Good in Englewood

Tutoring and Mentoring for youth and teens; hosts many community events in our building and other sites.

Something Good in Englewood
Nashone Greer-Adams

ARROWS Outreach

Always Remember to Reach Out and Win Souls.

Arrows Outreach

Arrows Outreach is a unique ministry but with the same mission. Their mission is discipleship but how they accomplish that mission is unique.  House churches are not common place in America but are very biblical.  Michele and Ojo Patterson are a young couple who LOVE JESUS and LOVE to share who HE is and are not shy, but zealous about what HE has done for them and the people they have discipled.  I met Michele and Ojo a little over 5 years ago as they were doing street outreach and bible studies, which they are now using to build house churches.  I believe house churches are the future of the American Christian movement.  We have lost the tight-knit community of families that worshipped, prayed and walked through life together and as a result have lost the transparency that existed when small groups of people did life together.  That is what separated true followers of Christ from all other types of religiosity.  I think Mays School is the perfect venue for building a house church network and is a perfect place for the leaders of the house churches to meet on a weekly basis to discuss how things are progressing and how they might work together on community projects.  Michele and Ojo will be there to spearhead these meetings mentoring and guiding the leaders.  If there is one ministry that I cannot wait to see blossom, it is this one because it could easily have the most explosive effect on this Englewood community.

Arrows Outreach
Ojo & Mitchell Patterson
1250 W 80th St Apt 2E
Chicago, IL 60620

Nehemiah Construction

Nehemiah Construction

Nehemiah Construction was started by Ed Domagal and his partner.  Their construction company takes young men off the street and teaches them work ethic and job skills.  As they spend the time in instruction, they disciple them by introducing them to the saving grace of JESUS CHRIST.  The goal once we get the Mays School facility will be to start their training in the classroom in the evenings and when the “students” are ready for hands-on experience, they will place them with a crew and then give them on the job training.  They will teach them to be team players, how to complete a job and what a finished project looks like.  Over and above job training, they will teach them how to live a CHRIST-honoring life as they disciple them, which is the most important part of their job training.  Pastor Ed is the perfect man to disciple the young men.  He has been mentoring young men for years through his street preaching ministry.  Along with discipleship he will be teaching them good work ethic and skills.  I am looking forward to Pastor Ed being a part of our team.  He is a man of integrity and character, something very much lacking in today’s world.


John Howard
Ed Domagal
303 E Green St #98
Bensenville, IL 60106


Greater Chicago Food Depository

Greater Chicago Food Depository is our largest provider of food (and one of the largest in the country).  They have been with us since the beginning.  Beside the food we have a great opportunity to partner with them on a much larger scale.  We told the CFO that we were looking for a larger venue and they told us that when we get a place, they would like to help us turn our food pantry and family feeding center into state of the art facilities by supplying walk-in coolers and freezers, sinks, stoves, prep tables, tables and chairs and whatever else they could get donated.  I  can’t wait to see how the LORD is going to use this great organization to raise up this Englewood community from the depravity that exists into the hardworking, family-oriented neighborhood it was.

4100 W Ann Lurie PL
Chicago, IL  60632

Heritage Church Outreach

Heritage Church Outreach

Three years ago I walked into Heritage Church because my wife and I had moved to Grayslake, IL.  We were looking for a place to call our church home.  The pastor that Sunday preached a message on discipleship that was straight from the Bible.  He told everyone in the church what real discipleship means and what a genuine discipleship is.  From that day forward, Heritage has been the church my wife and I attend.

Every year in November they showcase a ministry that they partner with for the coming year.  In 2016, they chose Shepherd’s HOPE and it became the beginning of a great relationship.  They made a commitment to support us financially.  What a blessing! But what blew me away was how they got involved by volunteering on a regular basis.  This allows the church that’s serving to grow as followers of Christ because the people get the opportunity to see JESUS come alive. In Matthew 25:40 Jesus says: “As you have done for one of the least of these, my brothers, you’ve done it to me.”  I can’t wait to see how the purchase of Mays school will open more opportunities for more people to see JESUS come alive.  Thank you LORD for bringing us together.  ONLY GOD!

Learn more about this church at and watch the video they produced about, Shepherd’s HOPE.
We look forward to all God will do to grow the fruit of this partnership.

Heritage Church
Lake Zurich, IL
Global Ministries Pastor

Shepherd’s HOPE - Founder Brian Anderson

Shepherd’s Hope

The Food Pantry opened in 2009 and now touches the lives of over 6,000 per month. Food Pantry Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. and Saturday 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Clients may visit the pantry two times each month to receive a supplemental supply of food. Registration is required.

As Shepherd’s Hope was completing its 6th year at the food pantry, the  need for a place where people in the community could get a hot meal and the desire for further opportunity to engage in more conversation led to the opening of The Family Feeding Center on April 23, 2014.   Shepherd’s Hope provides the food and supplies and coordinates the overall operations.  Family Feeding Center Hours: Wednesday and Fridays 12:00-2:00 pm. and Saturday 10:00am – 12:00 noon.

Both the Pantry and Family Feeding Center are housed in The Center of Englewood located at 838 W Marquette Road.

Brian’s role is to make sure all the food and supplies are available and to coordinate the overall operations of the Food Pantry and Family Feeding Center.

Brian Anderson, Executive Director
5732 S Lowe Ave PO Box 21013
Chicago, IL 60621
Office: 773-846-9494
FAX: 773-846-9490

Breath of Life Christian Center - Founders Jeff and Nicole Pirtle

Breath of Life Christian Center

Breath of Life Christian Center is a prison ministry as well as a (Daycare and After School Program) started by Jeff Pirtle and his wife (Nicole).  Jeff has been working in the prison system teaching inmates about the love and saving grace of JESUS for the past 15 years.  Jeff really has a heart for the prisoners because of his love for Christ and because he used to be one of them.  Nicole’s love for kids and love for Christ makes her the perfect woman to guide the children of this community.  Jeff and Nicole also do outreaches to bring the community together to show the LOVE of CHRIST in action.  These are 2 special people with plenty of street experience and a dedicated love for people – because they live Christ-centered lives.  They are a tremendous asset to the collaborative and add a quality of leadership that is scarce in the world we live in today.

Jeff spearheads the serving division of THE WAY.

Jeff Pirtle
2149 E 83rd Street
Chicago, IL 60617
Office: 773-997-6575

Kingdom Lifeline Ministries - Founder Kurt Williams

Kingdom Lifeline Ministry

Kingdom Lifeline Ministry is a drug and alcohol abuse ministry whose focus is discipleship through outreach and helping others.  Pastor Kurt Williams is the founder and executive director, one of the true men of GOD.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing him personally and watching him grow and mentor men who were struggling with substance abuse.  I can’t wait for all of us to be working together under one roof, so I can have a ringside seat to see the affect that these men of GOD are going to have on this community.

Kurt Williams
4039 W Van Buren
Chicago, IL 60624

Pass It On Daycare - Founders Darryl and Teresa Coleman


Pass-it-on-Academy is a daycare ministry that was co-founded by the first community volunteer to serve at Shepherd’s HOPE.  Darryl Coleman and his wife Teresa started this ministry to help single mothers that need daycare and cannot afford to pay the going rate.  The most important aspect of this ministry is not the discounted rate for the single mom, rather it is the way the staff shows the LOVE of JESUS to every child that enters the doors of this ministry.  The LORD took Darryl home about 4years ago, but because of HIS leadership, Teresa is still loving on these kids.  In my heart of hearts ministries like Pass-it-on-Academy is the ministry most needed to change the heart of a community.  I am so proud that they are a part of our team.

Teresa Coleman
Pass It On Daycare
2914 W 63rd Street #1
Chicago, IL 60629