Greater Chicago Food Depository

Greater Chicago Food Depository is our largest provider of food (and one of the largest in the country).  They have been with us since the beginning.  Beside the food we have a great opportunity to partner with them on a much larger scale.  We told the CFO that we were looking for a larger venue and they told us that when we get a place, they would like to help us turn our food pantry and family feeding center into state of the art facilities by supplying walk-in coolers and freezers, sinks, stoves, prep tables, tables and chairs and whatever else they could get donated.  I  can’t wait to see how the LORD is going to use this great organization to raise up this Englewood community from the depravity that exists into the hardworking, family-oriented neighborhood it was.

4100 W. Ann Lurie PL
Chicago, IL 60632