Ground Zero

Our clients can select from a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit
thanks to GCFD and our generous business donors.
THE CENTER of Englewood is owned and operated by Shepherd’s HOPE, Ltd. and houses our food pantry and family feeding center as well as By the Hand Club for Kids, 1st Defense Legal Aid, IMPACT Family Center, New Hope Medical Clinic, Pass-It-On Academy, God’s End Time Church and Xperience Church.



We are praying for you, your families and the whole country during these times of disbelief and confusion that haunt America and the whole world. By God’s grace we will all be around long after this pandemic comes to an end.

This is how we fight our battles…

Shepherd’s HOPE was created for such a time as this. The LORD has placed us in this Englewood community of Chicago, which I consider “ground zero” where the real battle is being waged on a daily basis. The battle I am referring to is the spiritual battle that is taking place trying to break the spirit of our neighbors in Englewood and the rest of the American people. We are a resilient people but to remain resilient, we have to be active members of our community and our opposition knows that. That’s why we have been isolated to our own homes. We’ve been made slaves to isolation with the internet and television as our companions. The opposition knows that we are at our best when we are serving others, building relationship, and seeing positive growth taking place around us every day.

Our LORD told us in Matthew 22:36-40, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind…and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” We need this, “The Great Commandment,” to prevail in America in the days, months and years ahead. Shepherd’s HOPE is operating everyday feeding the people of the Englewood community, sharing the love of JESUS with each and every one of them

Meeting the demand..

Because of GOD’s love for HIS people, HE provided Shepherd’s HOPE with 3 food deliveries instead of 2 a week so we can accommodate the 100’s of extra families we provide either groceries or hot meals every day of the week. This amounts to 35,000 pounds of food distributed a week. ONLY GOD!

Due to the increased need, we had to purchase 2 chest freezers and 2 refrigerator/freezers to provide space for the volume of cold storage items we have received. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Americans, we all need to start humbling ourselves becoming salt and light in this dark time in American history. So we all can have a ringside seat, watching GOD at work turning America into a selfless nation again, giving GOD all the glory!

I want to thank you the people who have answered our call for financial HELP! This has been like a breath of fresh air in a time when bad news seems to dominate life as we know it. We still need you the people watching from the sidelines to get in the game. We need everyone! We are at the beginning of this pandemic. Even in these early stages, the fall out from this pandemic is already being felt. The enemy is not going to let up.

Shepherd’s HOPE has to be prepared to be there for our neighbors till the end. We thank you all for your continued support because without you we would not be around for such a time as this.

We love you all and thank you again for your support. Shepherd’s HOPE has been there since the day the pandemic started, and we are planning to be there when the enemy is defeated. AMEN!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

From Brian – and the board members, staff & volunteers at Shepherd’s HOPE