At Shepherd’s HOPE we are striving to eradicate hunger, promote family values and rebuild communities in five targeted areas:

  1. Combat physical hunger by providing supplemental food to people in need by use of our food pantry, aquaponic farming, and family feeding center.
  2. Control lack of spiritual awareness by teaching people how to live life from a biblical perspective.
  3. Combat the lack of adequate housing by partnering with local ministries, businesses and corporations from the greater Chicago area to provide affordable housing to people who have need.
  4. Combat lack of community interest by partnering with local church and business leaders to provide the resources and volunteers to complete needed church and community projects and make a difference that will last a lifetime.
  5. Combat educational and vocational deficiencies by providing volunteer opportunities to develop work ethic and job skills for people who have the desire to learn and then help them find resources to secure employment so they may become productive members of their community. In the future when facilities allow, this would include an expanded more intensive job training and mentoring for youth and adults.