Monthly Archives: June 2021

Healing Englewood Part 2

When we started this ministry, I thought the LORD’s goal was to provide food and build relationship with the people of this community. I was dead wrong. And what a surprise – HIS plan was grander than anyone could imagine.

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Healing Englewood

Welcome to Spring 2021! A year ago we were in the throws of the COVID 19 pandemic. Like everything in life, we have to wait on the LORD to walk us through it because HE is sovereign over all.

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Trailblazers for Life

Throughout the pandemic, Shepherd’s Hope has witnessed unprecedented need across the community. At the height of the pandemic, the organization has served 200% more people in need compared to January 2019. During this time of tremendous need, our mission is still “to recognize and meet the needs of our neighbors, pledging to help individuals to become compassionate contributors to family, community and society; we vow to do this one life at a time.”

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