Patrons enjoying a warm meal

1st Thanksgiving at the CENTER

Blessed Thanksgiving

Hope everything is well with you and yours! We had a great Thanksgiving Week at THE CENTER. It started 1) Saturday November 23rd when the first load of food for the holiday festivities was delivered. 2) Monday, November 25th, THE CENTER was alive again after receiving the final two loads of food. Watching our staff and volunteers putting everything in its place was a sight to behold. AMEN! AMEN!

A Great Week

3) Tuesday, November 26th, was finally here – the day we at Shepherd’s HOPE had been working toward for over a month. We were anticipating over 700 of our neighbors to grace THE CENTER for bags filled with a chicken or two and all the fixin’s for a Thanksgiving feast. We were blessed with a beautiful day despite the weather forecast. The rain held off until after 3 pm, the time we stopped serving. Thank you, LORD!
After all was said and done, we had served 675 of our neighbors for Thanksgiving and had shared 750 chickens and all the fixin’s for a Thanksgiving meal. ONLY GOD!

To See video clips of the day CLICK HERE

That was just the beginning of the Thanksgiving festivities at THE CENTER. Thursday, November 28th Thanksgiving at THE CENTER culminated with a hot Thanksgiving meal fit for a king! We shared these dinners with over 80 of our neighbors – along with seconds – and sweet potato pie for dessert. All this was prepared from scratch by our Feeding Center crew. They worked until 9 pm on Wednesday after serving our normal Wednesday lunch and were back at 6 am on Thursday to prepare for the 11 am start. Thank you, LORD, for the staff and volunteers at the Feeding Center!

What a dedicated group!

Relationship, Trust and Spiritual Growth

Thanksgiving is always a great reminder of the things we should be grateful for, not just at this time of the year, but every moment of every day. It always takes me back to 11 years ago and the things I was taught by the LORD in my first year of doing missionary work in Englewood. Serving as a missionary is totally different than serving according to the world. Serving Christ means growing; growing spiritually by helping others in need every day. Through being part of your neighbor’s lives on a regular basis we find that the people we are serving are just like us, going through similar struggles just with fewer resources. What we find out next is astounding; that it is not our abundance of resources that makes it easier to walk through our problems. It is only JESUS . As we become transparent and share our struggles with the people we serve, they open their hearts and share with us what they are going through. Then before we know it, JESUS becomes the center of conversation because HE is the only one that can walk us through our struggles. Then by the grace of JESUS we realize that we are both just doing life; it’s then we find that the ground is level at the foot of the cross. That is why we love serving our LORD! The end products of serving CHRIST are relationships, trust and spiritual growth, unlike serving in the world where the end product is just another feel good.

At Shepherd’s HOPE and THE CENTER we love serving our neighbors and watching them grow spiritually as we share the loving grace of JESUS with them by the way we live. This takes a team effort – from team members sharing their financial resources to boots on the ground 7 days a week. Consistently keeping the lines of communication open with our neighbors to comfort them in times of need and helping walk them through the problems and trials they face every day.

For this reason we were created, to glorify HIM and it takes a team all working together for the LORD to be able to bring this all to fruition. Thank you, LORD, for THE CENTER and all the ministries you have brought together to glorify yourself so that our neighbors can really see who you are – “The Great I Am.”

To make this all happen takes a great deal of time and money. Please consider us when giving during the holiday season and your end of the year giving.



Thank you for your support!

Merry Christmas to you and your family. We love you all and are praying that you and your family have a joyous and healthy 2020.
From all of us at Shepherd’s HOPE and THE CENTER, THANK YOU again for your continued financial support.


*Daily Operating Cost for Food Pantry and Family Feeding Center*

$87.00 Will provide 1 hour of ministry
$700.00 Will provide 1 day of ministry
$3,500.00 Will provide 5 days of ministry
$ 7,000.00 Will provide 10 days of ministry
$21,000.00 Will provide 1 month of ministry


Please pray for our ministry!