Thanksgiving 2016


A Big THANK YOU goes out to our financial support team!

Because of your support:

  • The Chicago Police Department, after a summer of violence, is able to start rebuilding relationships and trust in their community! Shepherd’s Hope has been providing 150 bags of food to the 11th district police department to share with their neighbors each month as well as provide the food for a monthly cook-out at the police station. Here Shepherd’s HOPE and our partner Kingdom Lifeline come out to serve and pray with officers and people from the community  We will be starting the same program in the 7th district in Englewood at the beginning of 2017 with our partner Xperience Church.  Thank you LORD!
  • For three years we have been providing food for 2 daycare centers that charge a reduced rate to under-resourced single working mothers. Only GOD!
  • For the past two years we have been providing food for 2 ministries to feed hot meals to the homeless on lower Wacker Dr. every Sunday. AMEN!

That is just a small glimpse of what GOD is doing through Shepherd’s HOPE because of your financial support.  We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for being the wind beneath our wings.

Be still and know I’m GOD  Psalms 46:10

Patience is a virtue and it is talked about throughout the Bible.  In Isaiah 40:31 it says, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint”

Learning patience and waiting for the LORD to move was, and still is, the toughest part of my walk with JESUS!  It’s when HE makes you wait on HIM that your faith, trust and patience are put to the true test.

For the past 8 months the LORD has put our patience to the test.

18 months ago the LORD told us HE wanted us to start an after school program for the youth in the community.

18 months ago we started praying that HE would provide a larger facility and the resources to move all we do at Shepherd’s HOPE and our collaborative ministries under one roof.  That’s a big ask, but we serve a big GOD!

6 months ago we thought we had the venue for the after-school program but they couldn’t accommodate the 3 afternoons a week we needed.

6 months ago we prayed on, did our due diligence, and placed a bid on a closed elementary school in Englewood.  All the bids were rejected.

So the LORD had us back where HE wanted us…waiting for and trusting that HE will provide.

evanston-afterschool-13 months ago the LORD led us to Bray Temple Church at 73rd and Greenwood and its 2 young pastors.  We partnered with them initially by providing non-perishable food for the church to reach out and build relationships in their community.  A week later after a four-hour meeting and tour of the church, I saw the hearts of Pastor Cliff and Pastor Dion for the children in their community.  They were the perfect partners and Bray Temple Church was the perfect facility for the afterschool program.  We’ve started putting together the team and the curriculum with a tentative starting date of January 18, 2017.

On January 21, 2017 CPS is opening the bidding on their closed elementary schools.  Shepherd’s HOPE has its eyes on Woods School at 62nd and Racine.  We are planning to do a walk-through and inspection of the facilities in the near future.  This facility is large enough to bring all that Shepherd’s HOPE does all the 12 ministries that collaborate with us under one roof.  LORD, we are patiently waiting on you.

We will keep you posted on what our needs will be for both venues. Right now, we are asking for your prayers that HIS will be done and that HE will provide the resources, teachers, volunteers and students for the afterschool program and for HIS discernment and wisdom in preparing our bid for Woods School.

waitingBesides preparing for the future, we served our community for Thanksgiving. 800 bags of groceries were prepared and distributed from our food pantry so that 800 families of four each would had all the fixings needed for a great Thanksgiving meal. ONLY GOD!

And at our Family Feeding Center on Wednesday and Friday we prepared and served meals for over 400 of our neighbors and GOD gets the glory! My favorite part of the Thanksgiving season is when I get to wish everyone individually a Happy Thanksgiving and most of all getting to pray with those who are lonely or struggling and let them know that if they have no one else, we at Shepherd’s HOPE are there for them.

To be able to serve the 3600 people we consider family a Thanksgiving meal, it takes hundreds of hours and many dedicated volunteers that are the heart and soul of Shepherd’s HOPE. This hard work and dedication is our gift to the neighbors we call family. But we need your help with the food we purchased.

The cost for the food to feed our 3600 family members a Thanksgiving meal is $2.73 per person, a total of $9828.00. To support financially, please click here.

Special Thanks
We would like to thank a long-time financial supporter of Shepherd’s Hope who in early 2016 gave us a $15,000.00 gift for the children.  This donation will be used to jump start the after-school program.

We would also like to thank Heritage Church of Lake Zurich for its $25,000 commitment to Sherpherd’s Hope. This donation will be used for the down payment on our new facility.  In addition, the church as also made a ten year commitment to serve sid-by-side with us in Englewood.