2015: A Year to Remember


  1. Food Pantry ending its 6th year.
  2. Food distribution increased
  3. Number of families served grew   ONLY GOD!
  4. The Family Feeding Center just celebrated 1.5 years
  5. Volunteers from the community shine their light like never before increasing from 32  to 43 people who serve regularly.  (GOD gets the Glory)
  6. Pastor Dwayne Grant teaches and leads worship service every Friday at the Family Feeding Center while the people eat.  What a blessing!
  7. Pastor Dwayne Grant and his wife Linda do an evangelistic outreach outside a   liquor store at 67th and Halsted every Friday evening.  GOD gets all the glory.
  8. Kevin Johanson facilitates Saturday Morning Bible Studies now in its 5th year.          AMEN!
  9. Apostle Nathaniel Hill leads church services at the Family Feeding Center on   Sundays soon to be celebrating one year – ONLY GOD!
  10. Apostle Nathaniel Hill facilitates Wednesday Evening Bible Studies at the Family Feeding Center soon to be celebrating one year.  AMEN!
  11. Shepherd’s HOPE supplies food for 2 homeless ministries. What an honor it is to be able to supply food for these special people.  GOD gets the glory.
  12. Shepherd’s HOPE partners with Kingdom Lifeline Ministries. They help unload our delivery truck and we supply food for their ministry.  GOD brings the remnant together!
  13. K.C. becomes the cook at the Family Feeding Center. What a blessing!
  14. God makes a school building available so we can move all our ministries under one roof (2 blocks from the Family Feeding Center).  ONLY GOD!  Please keep this project in your prayers.
  15. The heart change of the people we serve is more visible than ever. Gratitude is commonplace, the entitlement attitude has almost disappeared, and the grace of GOD is more evident than ever before.


Having a ringside seat to watch our awesome GOD at work is the most exciting and rewarding experience anyone could ask for and I get to do it every day.  Thank you for allowing me to do this.  I wish every one of you could be with me.  It would change your life forever.

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